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INFINITE is a fusion of intense top-down action and survival role-playing, set on a harsh planet where your physical and mental attributes will be tested to their limits. To stay alive, you will pit yourself against hordes of alien wildlife, robotic enemies, and an intensely hostile environment. If you survive, you will slowly build up an arsenal of weapons and powerful abilities by leveling up and exploring the world.

INFINITE is much more than a simple action game. Delve into the epic universe were creating and discover flexible character progression, exploration and looting, crafting, environmental hazards, a sprinkle of classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals. You will be blown away by the depth of INFINITE... if you arent blown away by your enemies first.

Story Mode
When a catastrophic chain of events causes your dropship to be shot down by supposedly friendly defences, you find yourself isolated in a hostile environment. Your oxygen is running low, dangerous creatures lurk, and red hot rivers of lava separate you from the nearest outpost. Before you can even think about finding answers or making someone pay, your immediate concern is just to survive the first five minutes.

Story Mode is INFINITEs primary single player experience (with a Kickstarter stretch goal for co-op).

Create your character to suit your play style and go on a journey of survival, frantic action and exploration. Along the way, your characters abilities will grow ever more powerful as you face ever greater challenges.

Unlike most top-down shooters, Infinite Desolation goes far beyond simple action: interact with equipment and outposts, craft items and tools, scavenge the environment for resources, discover secret areas and more.

Doomed Mode (Solo and Co-op)
This is an infinite enemy waves survival mode with a few unique twists. Use a central terminal to call in supplies and weapons between waves of enemies. Earn credits for the supply drops by killing enemies. You choose when to trigger the next enemy wave, but limited oxygen means you cannot waste too much time. Will you buy some oxygen cylinders, or get that shiny new weapon to overcome the next, more intense, wave of enemies?
- Solo and Co-op
- Online Scoreboard

Speedrun Mode
Battle through waves of enemies to reach the end of the course in record time. Hordes of enemies and a light touch of problem solving will try to slow you down. Infinite respawns ensure you will eventually get to the exit, giving you a chance to master the course without having to restart from scratch.
- Solo and Co-op
- Online Scoreboard

Versus Mode
Go head to head against friends in this 4-player free-for-all deathmatch mode. Crush your enemies to claim victory by being the first to reach the kill limit.
- Up to 4 players

Character Classes
Choose from one of 5 classes: Grunt, Psion, Scout, Engineer or Marine. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, opening up a variety of play styles. Will you craft your way out of trouble, or mow down your enemies with deadly precision?

Exploration and Looting
Explore dangerous environments to find oxygen, health, weapons, ammo and other gear. Discover hidden locations where rare loot awaits.

Find crafting materials and craft a variety of items to help you overcome your enemies and the environment.

Character Progression and Abilities
Find Psionic Cells to unlock and upgrade powerful abilities such as Heal, Blink, Sprint, Blast and Repulse, or to boost your overall stats.

Collect unique weapons, ranging from the versatile EMC Ballista plasma assault rifle to the truly devastating GWS Rocket Launcher.

Interactions and Equipment
Find Power Cores to power up and interact with all sorts of devices: extend bridges, power up outposts, activate teleporters, and more.

Intense Battles
At its heart, this is a top-down horde rush shooter. You will engage in intense battles, blow up enemies by setting off explosive barrels, activate defence turrets to help you thin the crowd, plough through enemies using your upgraded Psi Abilities, or launch flurries of rockets into the horde. You have many ways to beat down your foe.

System requirements
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  • OS: TBA
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
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